Benefits of Regular Oil Changes in Ontario

Whether you drive a new or pre-owned vehicle, a healthy, efficient, and reliable car requires regular oil changes. Indeed, regularly tending to your vehicle’s engine oil and filter comes with various benefits that you can enjoy for the long haul, and whether you reside in Pembroke, Renfrew, Peterborough, Brockville, ON, or beyond, you can learn more below before booking your next oil change at one of Jimmy Lapointe Automotive Group’s Service Centre locations.

Firstly, motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine, as it keeps your motor’s pistons, valves, and other key components lubricated for smooth performance. Furthermore, lubrication prevents friction, which can cause your engine to overheat and potentially saddle you with costly motor failure. An oil change can also rid your engine of grime and contaminants, as over time, your oil will take on debris and become more and more like sludge, which will tarnish your vehicle’s performance and your engine’s health. With clean, fresh oil, your engine will be lubricated, running smoothly, and operating with optimal fuel efficiency. Your owner’s manual can provide you with your car’s recommended oil change intervals, and you can always book your next oil and filter change with Jimmy Lapointe Automotive Group.

Wherever you reside in Ontario, contact us today to book your next oil change at our location nearest you.