Book Your Spring Tire Swap with Jimmy Lapointe Automotive Group

Riveting spring drives begin with a spring tire swap, and now that winter’s snow, slush, and ice are no more, allow Jimmy Lapointe Automotive Group the pleasure of swapping out your tires, no matter where you’re located in Ontario. Learn more about your spring tire swap below and contact your nearest dealership to book yours today.

Winter tires may be valuable when braving wet, slushy, and slippery winter roads, but they don’t perform as reliably in warmer weather, which is why we suggest booking your spring tire swap once temperatures surpass 7 degrees Celsius come spring. Indeed, all-season tires are especially effective in spring and summer weather, and fitting your car with the right tires can ensure that you enjoy optimal handling, fuel efficiency, and overall performance through these seasons until the time comes for your winter tire swap. Each of our Service Centres can tend to your spring tire change, and if you need a new set before we install them, our team will gladly guide you to the recommended size and brand for your model.

If you’re due for a new set of all-season tires or your next tire change, contact one of Jimmy Lapointe Automotive Group’s Service Centre locations today, and we’ll be happy to help.