Why Spring Is an Ideal Time to Change Your Cabin Air Filter

Spring is a great time for many things, and if you’re about to spend the season at the wheel, we can help you enjoy it to the fullest with some valuable maintenance tips. Your ventilation and A/C system is bound to see a busy spring, and whether you reside in Pembroke, Brockville, ON, or beyond, find out why spring is ideal for a cabin air filter change below and contact Jimmy Lapointe Automotive Group for further details.

Your cabin air filter is integral to your A/C system’s performance, as it keeps contaminants and other particles from entering your cabin while you drive. With spring comes pollen and allergens, and that’s why we suggest equipping your car with a new filter once the season arrives, especially for drivers with respiratory issues and allergies. Pollen isn’t all your cabin air filter has to worry about, as more debris and contaminants can accumulate if it isn’t changed, which will bring dust and dirt into your car and leave it dirty before long. Furthermore, a clean filter means an efficient A/C and ventilation system, which will help keep your car humming and spare you any major hassles down the line. Luckily, our Service Centres can tend to your A/C system and fit your car with a new cabin air filter, so you can enjoy your spring drives with clean air in a comfortable cabin.

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